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Most Sophisticated Push Notification Platform
You can build your Messenger bot within 10 mins!
a Facebook Live Video streaming platform which allows you to go live on Facebook with Pre-recorded videos and share across all your pages, timelines and groups!
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We are based in Toronto, Canada

Just as we provide top-rate accessible AI-based digital technologies, we are pround of our top-notch customer service too.

We support clients and prospects in three languages: English, French and Chinese (Mandarin).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you work with clients?
Though the major services (AI++ and Pushy Panda) of Hoo Digital are particularly made extremely accessible to clients with absolutely no tech skills and they are all in SAAS model, we do still always reach out to you and, in many cases, sit down with you to discuss the details of our services and make sure you can use them as easily and well as you do Word. So, no worries. We guarantee both high-tech and high-service.
How do you charge clients?
AI++ and Pushy Panda are both in SAAS model, where clients pay monthly or quarterly or yearly to access the sofisticated self-serve services online and they can cancel the service anytime they want. For Hoo Postman and WeBiz services, they are based on discussed pricing with clients and are only available when the client has already subscribed to AI++ and/or Pushy Panda services.
What other digital marketing services do you provide?
We also provide two specialized digital marketing services: advergaming / gamification & chatbot for eCommerce, in both of which we have more than 12 years of experiences.

Advergaming/Gamification: as a teaser to get the taste of what we can offer at a very small scale, check out this advergame of ours that truly marries engaging fun with brand.

Chatbot for Ecommerce: simply go check out Woowbot – the world’s first conversational e-commerce chat bot and platform! I know you'll love it the second you see it, so just contact us for a quick quote. :)
How big is your team?
We currently have 20 people in two cities - Toronto, Canada and Shanghai, China. Hoo Digital is not a typical advertising agency at all. We run on a very lean team but every team member has at least 8+ years in digital marketing and/or digital technologies. More importantly, our belief and model are to provide the most accessible AI-related cutting-edge digital marketing technologies to clients which they can then easily use without any requirement on tech skills. Only when technologies can be freely explored by laymen, are their biggest potential released.
Does Hoo Digital run any business other than digital-marketing services?
Yes, Hoo Digital and its affiliate companies do produce and operate non-digital-marketing services, including: inXest (Virtual Stock Exchange & Investor Social Network); Brainio School (Enhancing creativity via DIY game designs); (AR-based Social Networking/Dating); Seme Live (APP enabling 1-touch live broadcasting), etc. You're welcome to get in touch with us for more info on any of these initiatives.